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About Rivalry Relay

Rivalry Relay is the vision of three passionate runners, Josh, Rick and Rus, that began in 2008. For years, we had participated in other relay races that typically covered more than 180 miles. However, these races generally took individuals away from their families and homes for at least two days and sometimes even three or four days if travel was involved. Additionally, hours were spent waiting for “Van 1” or “Van 2” to complete its legs before you could start running again to complete your legs. Furthermore, due to the distance requirements and lack of sleep involved, novice runners had a hard time running these relays and were more prone to injury.

Having just finished one of these relays in 2008, we started thinking of the issues noted above and how we could develop a relay race that would still provide the best aspects of a relay (team atmosphere, running with friends, being involved in a race) while still allowing individuals of all running experience to be involved. That’s when the thought of a one-day, one-vehicle race occurred to us. As we thought of this new idea of a one-day, one-vehicle relay-style race, we naturally started thinking of appropriate destinations for such a race. Being avid football/sports fans, the first thing we thought of was a race that would be between the fans of University of Utah and the fans of Brigham Young University, longtime rivals.

We immediately jumped onto the Internet and mapped out the distance between the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and Brigham Young University in Provo—the distance was just over 60 miles. We quickly calculated the distance of other great college rivalries throughout the nation that we thought would be great running venues and found several other great rivals that were situated approximately 60-70 miles apart. Thus, the idea of Rivalry Relay was born!

Whether friendly or foe, rivalries always bring out the competitor in each of us as we strive to better ourselves and, of course, defeat our rivals. Rivalry Relay is striving to bring friends, family or co-workers together for a one day, challenging event where your feet get to do the talking while helping to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. The beautiful thing about Rivalry Relay is there is no waiting around for “Van 2” and no need for sleep deprivation. Rather, we wanted runners of all abilities to run with friends of their choosing while still being done in time to have dinner with their family and team.

Josh, Rick and Rus have always been passionate about running and staying active while having a great time with friends. Many days of the year they can be found racing, riding their bikes or running together throughout Utah discussing their dream and how to make Rivalry Relay an event that everyone will enjoy for years to come! So get involved, and challenge your rivals to a race!



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